Dear all:

How are you doing recently?

It's my first time posting an article without drawing something, haha~song~

For some reasons, I was in Denver two days ago, and I'm in Utah now.

I don't have Macbook here, even no signal of my cell phone here. (wtf place...)

I'm sorry about this blog has not updated since 2 weeks ago.

(I don't know why I should apologize... =__=||
You are not the only ones who have summer vacations..)

Anyway, I MIGHT update it before July 14.


Besides, the tradition of this blog: Ghost Stories will be published in lunar July, not in real July.
Stop asking me when the beginning of the ghost story will be, thanks.

Good luck.

P.S. Maybe there are some grammatical mistakes in the article,and you'd just correct it by comment. Thanks~


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