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The Formosan black bear, a species of the Ursidae family, is the largest land animal in Taiwan. They
are omnivorous, feeding mainly on leaves, buds, fruits, roots, insects, and small animals, though they
also eat carcasses and carrion. A solitary animal, Formosan black bears usually move around singly,
except during the mating season or when providing for cubs. They rest in tree holes or rocky caves and search for food at dusk or at night. A territorial animal, they have a wide home range and mark their territory by leaving scratches on tree bark or urinating on the ground. Although strong, sturdy, and skillful tree-climbers, they are less agile and slower than ordinary carnivores, and look a little clumsy as they walk about on all four limbs. Formosan black bears can be ferocious and dangerous, but will usually not attack unless they are threatened, hurt, or feel that their cubs are in danger. When they do attack, they assume an upright posture and can move quite swiftly. Thus, the best thing to do if you chance upon one is to stay calm, try not to provoke it, and leave the vicinity as soon as possible; it shouldn't bother to chase after you.
Formosan black bears do not hibernate in the winter, though they might move to lower elevations in order to feed. Winter is their mating season, with females typically bearing one to three cubs at a time after eight to nine months of pregnancy. Cubs become independent after one year. The natural life span of Formosan black bears is about 30 years.


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